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Glimpse Platform



Design a way to break down the physical,organisational, or attitudinal barriers that people suffering from Progressive neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s may experience.


To use sound to communicate and better our understanding of our environment, to help form and recall forgotten memories of the past.


Glimpse is a platform that acts as a bank of memories. Friends and family member upload memories by tagging the impaired person within memories on social media accounts (memories such as photos or  videos). Glimpse recognises when this impaired person is tagged in a memory, and this memory is then transferred automatically across to Glimpse.

Here is a walkthrough of how the uploading process would work.

Family and friends upload content to their social media accounts, tagging the impaired individual. When next logging  back into Glimpse, the user is offered  the chance to add the memories they have just tagged the individual in to the Glimpse timeline, through the pending  memories option.