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Automated Arts Fair



Create a conceptual piece that conveys the development of automation and AI technology from the past, to the present and beyond. It is now impossible to imagine a future without AI and automation, picture what a fully automated service could look like.


There are now many anxieties surrounding AI and automation. Use London Arts Fair as a hub for automation. Use each day of the event to convey a point in time of development of such technologies.


The 40th Edition of London Arts fair aims to pioneer full automation. This allows for humans to really engage with the artwork on show. Ai systems process and develop
over the four days, and by day four become unresponsive and convey anxieties we have about them.

Scanning over the print with your phone reveals a distorted visual. Day 1’s poster is less distorted than that of day 4’s, conveying the evolution of the AI over the four days of the art fair.